2020  Tournament

Hi Pickleball Players,

As most of you know, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit hard globally over the past couple weeks and things continue to evolve quickly.

We have been following the news, advice from health organizations and governments to understand the risks of the virus to a large gathering. After careful consideration, the Camrose Pickleball Club Board of Directors have made the decision to cancel the 2020 Camrose Open Tournament scheduled on May 16 and 17, 2020 and move it to 2021.

Health Canada continues to advise that frequent hand washing, minimal touching, and social distancing are the best defense against the virus. A reminder to all Pickleball Snowbirds to self-isolate upon arrival, even that quick stop on the way home for groceries should be avoided. Reach out to your Pickleball family if needed or a neighbour. Together we’ll get through this.

We all wish we could play pickleball. Be assured that once we receive the okay from the City of Camrose to resume to gather and play pickleball, we will let you know.

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.

Claudine Lemieux
Camrose Pickleball Club


2019 Tournament

After many hours of preparation, the Camrose Pickleball Open Tournament welcomed up to 170 players in the 2 day event starting on May 4, 2019. This would have been impossible without the help of our volunteers that gave their time to make this event a success. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to thank the participants for attending the Camrose Tournament. We hope you had fun and had the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion that you do for pickleball.

special thank you to all of our sponsors who gave generously to this event. We really appreciate your support.

It has been an enjoyable and valuable experience. We hope to see you again next year.

Claudine Lemieux
Camrose Pickleball Club

Game play results can be viewed below. Click here to view additional tournament photos (THANK YOU to Alvin and Yvon for running their cameras!).

Tournament Results – May 04

The results of the rotating round robin play on May 4 cannot be posted on the web site. Click on the following photos to see the score sheets for the corresponding division.

Winners of the Men’s 2.5 Division (above)
GOLD: Tim Ostiguy      SILVER: Rodger Forth     BRONZE: Mike Gray


Winners of the Men’s 3.0 Division (above)
GOLD: Michael Murias      SILVER: Joe Chin    BRONZE: Ken Bobey


Winners of the Men’s 3.5 Division (above)
GOLD: Javier Ruiz      SILVER: Dean Mah    BRONZE: Ken Wu & Kevin Degelman


Winners of the Men’s 4.0 Division (above)
GOLD: Lorne Enright      SILVER: Stefan Hans    BRONZE: Kevin Matwichuk


Winners of the Women’s 2.5 Division (above)
GOLD: Corinne Cormier      SILVER: Ronda Pickering    BRONZE: Yvette Webster


Winners of the Women’s 3.0 Division (above)
GOLD: Cathy MacAskill    SILVER: Sharon Slemp & Susan Nigh
BRONZE: Helen Faye


Winners of the Women’s 3.5 Division (above)
GOLD: Gloria Wipf      SILVER: Anya Surin    BRONZE: Karen Thompson

Tournament Results – May 05

The results of the Mixed Play on May 5 follow. The detailed play results can be found on .

Winners of the Mixed 2.5 Division (above)
GOLD: Corinne Cormier & Darcy Durette
SILVER: Noreen Eyolfson & Alvin Eyolfson
BRONZE: Brenda Warner & Ken Warner


Winners of the Mixed 3.0 Division (above)
GOLD: Cathy MacAskill & Greg LeClerc
SILVER: Helen Faye & Kent Hasenbohler
BRONZE: Trina Murias & Joe Chin


Winners of the Mixed 3.5 Division (above)
GOLD: Kaetlin Savva & Javier Ruiz
SILVER: Gloria Wipf & Wayne Hackner
BRONZE: Dawn Tynes & Larry Hermany


Winners of the Mixed 4.0 Division (above)
GOLD: Taylor Kanik & Haddow Thul
SILVER: Jean Leblanc & Kirk Jensen
BRONZE: Anya Surin & Stefan Hans


Previous Tournament (2018) Results

Our May 5, 2018, One Day Open Tournament is over – THANK YOU all for attending / sponsoring / volunteering / helping out! Click on the following link and then click on the 2018-05-05 entry to see photos taken at the tournament (Thank You Darcy for running the camera!!):     Photos

Click on the following link to see a List of Participants AND the Tournament Results:     Participants List