Membership Info


We would love to introduce you to the sport of Pickleball. For more info check out our ‘Calendar’ for play times and “Playing Fees” for current rates. Warning: Pickleball has been known to be addictive. Contact: for more info and to learn how to get started.

Currently you must be a member to play – no visitors – no drop ins.


All non-members of Pickleball Alberta must read the Waiver and sign the waiver agreement sheet before participating. The Waiver is available at the courts and online to review.


New members can join our club online by registering in the Wild Apricot Membership System on the Pickleball Alberta website. Just click here and follow the instructions.

Click here for more detailed instructions.


Our annual membership fee of $25 includes $5 for each governing body (Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada) and the remaining $15 going to our Club. There is also an annual Youth membership fee (for ages 17 years and under) of $15, which includes $5 going to each governing body, and the remaining $5 going to our Club.

Annual memberships expire on April 30. The full annual membership fee is required regardless of when membership is applied for (there is no fee adjustment for partial years).

Once you are a member, you will get an email (with instructions) inviting you to renew your membership on April 1st of each year.


Membership benefits include:

Annual membership fees are used to:

  • purchase player membership with Pickleball Canada
  • purchase player membership with Pickleball Alberta
  • purchase new nets, balls, and other equipment
  • cover administration costs
  • cover some of the costs of social events
  • cover costs of maintaining our web site