Returning to Pickleball

The City of Camrose has given us permission to play pickleball on outdoor courts as of noon, Saturday, May 23rd.

We have 2 courts available on the tennis courts (across the parking lot from the recreation Centre).  The court is NOT restricted to Pickleball Play only. Tennis, ball hockey, etc. will all have the same rights to use this area.  It will remain a first come, first play area.

If you are a member of the Club you can use one of our temporary nets.  You supply your own balls.

Signage is posted at the courts.   On the City of Camrose website is the following statement:

“Users on courts must engage in solo play unless with members of the same household or family cohorts.”

The Club will not be organizing playing events or group play at this time.

Play safe and have fun….

Camrose Pickleball Club