Outdoor Play / Facebook / Waivers

You are invited to play pickleball outside on the tennis court on the south side of the Reservoir; across from the Max McLean Arena at 4512 – 53 St.

Scheduled times for play outside are:
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 8:30 am
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6:30 pm

That said, feel free to PLAY ANYTIME you get the urge. Just contact a few players, or put an invitation on our Facebook page. The storage box at the court contains one pickleball net. Another net can be obtained at the Max. All members of the Club have access to the combination of the lock.

You haven’t joined our Facebook page? Check it out at:


It’s a great way to stay up to date with all the happenings of our Club and an easy way to connect with other members, particularly to arrange outdoor play. Cancellations due to weather for outdoor play may also be posted here. This is the only place where video’s are posted of member play.

Note: There is a WAIVER in the binder in the storage box. (This can also be found at the Max.) All participants and those members who have not read our waiver MUST sign the ‘waiver agreement sheet’ BEFORE they play.

Here’s to great weather… and fewer windy days. Let’s Play!

Donna Duff
Communications Officer
Camrose Pickleball Club