Martian Spring Fling in St. Paul!

Nine Camrose Pickleball players attended the Martian Spring Fling tournament in St. Paul June 8th and 9th, 2019. Although the flurries / blizzards on our travel day made it feel more like ‘Christmas’ than Spring… we all layered up and had a great time! Typical crazy Alberta weather; the next day the sun came out and some folks even ended up with sun burns!

Congrats to:

Claudine L. – GOLD in ladies 4.0
Marina O. – BRONZE in ladies 3.5
Wendy M. – 4TH in ladies 3.5
Donna D. – GOLD in ladies 3.0
Roy F. – BRONZE in mens 3.0

Claudine L. & Norm – GOLD in mixed 4.0
Marina O. and Lorne E. – 4TH in mixed 4.0
Wendy M. and Roy F. – 4TH in mixed 3.5
Donna D. & Richard D. – SILVER in mixed 3.0

Great effort by EVERYONE!

THANK YOU to all the folks in St. Paul for hosting such a GREAT tournament – it has become an annual event worth looking forward to!

Norm & Claudine L. (GOLD) – Mixed 4.0

Claudine L. (GOLD) – Ladies 4.0

Marina O. (BRONZE) & Wendy M. (4TH) – Ladies 3.5

Richard D. & Donna D. (SILVER) – Mixed 3.0

Donna D. (GOLD) – Ladies 3.0

Roy F. (BRONZE) – Men’s 3.0