City Presentation for Outdoor Courts

On Monday, October 15, 2018, Claudine, President of our Club did a presentation to City Council. The purpose of the presentation was to explain the benefits of future Outdoor Pickleball courts for our members, the Community and the City of Camrose. We had great support from our Club with 16 Pickleball players in attendance.

Claudine Presenting

There was lots of positive interest and many comments and questions from the counsellors. As well Ryan Poole, General Manager of Community Services answered many inquiries as to the feasibility of the proposal, discussing cost and location. He seemed very positive and hopeful mentioning that it would be cost effective to have a structure (hockey rink style) that could have both Pickleball in summer/Skating in winter and it could be utilized year round. Council also stated that it was good timing for this proposal as the City’s Budget is currently being established. The counsellors seemed impressed by the fact that the Club is willing to explore the possibility of applying to funding programs to support this endeavour.

Thank you Claudine for all the research, hard work, and energy you put into this proposal. Hopefully there will be outside Pickleball Courts beside the Recreation Centre in the near future. Regardless of the outcome, it gave the Club the opportunity to promote Pickleball to our City Council. We will continue our ongoing quest for more Pickleball courts for the benefit of our members and the Community.

Keep an eye out for an article and photos in the Camrose Booster regarding our recent proposal. Fingers crossed.

Club Members Present