2017 AGM for Pickleball Alberta

Dean, Donna, Richard, Claudine and Yvon recently attended the AGM for Pickleball Alberta. It was a very informative meeting. We were also able to spend a couple of hours playing pickleball outside after the meeting on a beautiful Fall day. A note from the President of Pickleball Alberta, Bev Walker, is below…

The second AGM for Pickleball Alberta Organization was held Sunday, September 24th in Red Deer. At this AGM there were 22 in attendance, representing 9 clubs plus Pickleball Canada.

The support to establish a provincial sports organization and national sports organization for pickleball is very encouraging. We are on our way! There is much to be done as we work in conjunction with Pickleball Canada, and other provinces to accomplish our goals.

There was good discussion at the AGM and PA has taken on specific actions to provide clubs information. It was very helpful to have Alberta based members of the PCO Board in attendance to clarify and respond to some of the questions. Thanks to Val Vollmin and Doug Thomson in particular for attending and providing us thier insights! One of the comments was how much Albertans are involved in PCO and I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowldge the double duty taken on by Mike Cooper, Brenda Feser and Gene Vollmin who are also involved at both the provincial and national levels.

I would like to thank the outgoing PA Board members for their work and support in our first year of operation – George Frohlich as Secretary, Trevor Burndred as Treasurer and Brian Popowitch as Communications Director. A separate email will be sent to appeal for volunteers to help with PA Board work and other initiatives to be undertaking this coming year.

Our fledgling website will be adding more information and capacity so keep checking us out at www.pickleballalberta.org

Bev Walker,
Pickleball Alberta

2017 AGM Attendees