More on AP’s First AGM

Here is a shared communication from Alberta Pickleball:

Oct 6th saw our first AGM as well as our Alberta Pickleball Board Meeting. One of our discussion items was to review progress of four 90 day targets set on July 28.

 a. Website Development
 b. Provincial Championship in Spruce Grove
 c. Collect member fees from clubs for 2016
 d. Communication to clubs of provincial governing body.
 All of the above were positive discussion items and we moved on to our next 90 day plan.
 1. Develop Website.
 2. Enhance communications- reach out to more clubs.
 3. Develop a strategic plan for the next 1-3-5 years.
 4. Recruit more directors and volunteers.
 5. Create a list of upcoming tournaments so clubs can coordinate dates.
 6. Open lines of communication between clubs on best practices.
 7. Develop a logo.

 8. Create a director of tournaments position
and coordinate with

 I want to touch on Doug’s thoughts of #6- Open lines of communication between clubs on best practice. “What has worked within your club and why has it worked?” If we can  share our best practices, we can make each club that much better. For example, Edmonton hosted a couple of pot lucks after some hearty pickleball play and the turnout and  the social aspect was a success. Please share any best practice that makes your club a success, promotes the game and a healthy lifestyle !
#5. Tournament Update- (Confirmed)
            Calgary – November Madness- Nov 4,5,6 /2016  Thorncliffe
            Edmonton – indoor Jan 6,7,8 /2017    outdoor Aug 18,19,20 /2017
            Spruce Grove- Alberta Second Provincial Tournament – Sept- 1,2,3
            Kelowna – July 7,8,9 /2017
            Nanaimo – June 24,25 /2017
            High River – Southern Alberta PB Open   May 12,13,14 / 2017
            Red Deer  ???  Calgary Alberta Open ???  Spray Lakes Cochrane?
            Medicine Hat ???  Sherwood Park ??? Edmonton Central Lions???
            Camrose ???  Okotoks ??? Calgary Mid Sun ???