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Ladder Play was a Great Success!

First Ladder Play at the Camrose Pickleball Club

The Club held its first Ladder Play on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Twenty-nine players participated in the event. I was thrilled to see so many people interested in this structured pickleball format.

Seven courts were scheduled with teams of 4 players, including one court of 5 players. Each team started at either 9 am. or 10:30 am. and played 3 games to 15 points. For the group of 5, the players played 4 games to 11 points.

Everyone had so much fun that 26 players have already signed up for the next Ladder Play scheduled for Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Thanks everyone for your support and let’s make this a permanent event.

Please contact me for more information:
Ladder Play Captain

Santa Gets Fit Tournament – Dec 16, 2016

The Grrr-Kins were busy today playing in their in-house Christmas tournament! Costumes, fun, friends, fellowship and pickleball… aaahh, life is good!



Congrats to Ron and Lorne E who placed first in the A Division.



Congrats to Bill MP and Michael who placed first in the B Division.

Remainder of the Results are as follows:

A Division

2nd  Carol & Bob
3rd   Roy & Kevin D
4th   Linda & Jim

B Division

2nd  Bill MP & Michael
3rd   Ken & Brenda
4th   Dean & Jack


(To see video’s taken at the tournament check out our Facebook Page – Camrose Pickleball.)



Christmas Potluck!

A GRRR-EAT time was had at our Christmas Potluck on December 14th.  26 people attended and enjoyed …Fantastic Food… Fellowship…  and a wee bit of competition. Thank you to everyone for your contributions!

Christmas Pot Luck Prizes

For EXPERT Crokinole play:
Bob, Kevin S, Dean, Linda S, Wendy M.    (Games Passes)

Photo Game:
Linda S ( Advil) & Jim K (chocolate)

Door Prizes:
Carol E (Lorne E) Gift Basket & Jim K (Chocolate)

Thank you Susan N for donating the beautiful gift basket!

Dean was was presented with an enhanced designed pickleball for visually challenged players as a token of appreciation for his ongoing efforts to support the Grrr-kins!

Pickleball Passes

Good news:  Sheets of 10 passes for $42.50 are now available for purchase, as well as our sheets of 20 passes for $85.00.

img_6288Effective January 1st, our fees when paying with cash instead of using passes, will increase to $5.00 per visit. We would like to encourage all members of our Club to purchase passes.  This will make it easier for the ‘money collecters’ to keep track of the fees, as well as save alot of time counting cash for our bank deposits.

The current price for passes will remain the same ($4.25 per visit).  Effective January 1st, when using passes instead of paying with cash, you will save $15.00 when purchasing a sheet of 20, and $7.50 when purchasing a sheet of 10.  If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Executive.

Welcome Innisfail to the World of Pickleball

(News from Pickleball Canada)

Innisfail, Alberta recently introduced the new sport as part of its drop-in fall programming. There has been much interest in the new sport around town, said Williams, which is one of the reasons, he added, why Innisfail added it to its drop-in fall programming.img_6224
“The enthusiasm that people had for it. Not only was pickleball something that was requested by people in the community, it was also something that we got great feedback from during our fall registration night,” said Williams. “It was awesome to see that people of all ages were excited to give it a try.”

Halloween Play!

Mime PlayCostumesToday was not only Halloween, but was the first day of our ‘split session’ play. The transition went smoothly. 11 played in the ‘early session’ and 16 played in the ‘later session’. With everyone having less sitting around time… we all seemed to have a great workout and enjoyed some great Pickleball.  Happy Halloween everyone!

Congrats Spruce Grove!

The following paragraph was copied from a Facebook Post which was posted by the Spruce Grove Pickleball Club…
“It is my Great Pleasure to announce that during the Spruce Grove City council meeting held last night, and to the CHEERS of 50 or so enthusiastic Parkland Pickleheads, the City of Spruce Grove approved the construction of a 12 Pickleball Court facility at the Henry Singer Park in Spruce Grove, Alberta!!! What an amazing and forward thinking City Council we have in Spruce Grove, construction to begin in early Spring of 2017, as soon as the weather permits!!!”

When I replied to their post and asked about their ‘funding’… they said they had been fundraising for years.


New Schedule for Morning Play

Starting October 31st, our Monday, Wednesday and Friday play times will be divided into two sessions.  8:15 am to 10:15 am  &  10:15 am to 12:15 img_6146pm.  The reason for this change is to alleviate court congestion and paddle confusion.   Players can participate in one session each morning.  Fee $4.50

Results – Snowbird Tournament 2.5 – 3.0

1st 2nd 3rd

Congratulations to Dave and Sandy for winning 1st place, our two John’s for winning 2nd place, and Ken and Brenda for winning 3rd place.   (Prizes were game passes).

4th Place:  Susan & Linda S
5th Place:  Lin & Katheryn
6th Place:  Donna & Richard
7th Place:  Wendy & Fay

Each team played 12 games, so we had a full morning of Pickleball and great fun!

Thank you to the organizers and the tournament committee!  Great effort by everyone!!!