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Martian Spring Fling in St. Paul!

Nine Camrose Pickleball players attended the Martian Spring Fling tournament in St. Paul June 8th and 9th, 2019. Although the flurries / blizzards on our travel day made it feel more like ‘Christmas’ than Spring… we all layered up and had a great time! Typical crazy Alberta weather; the next day the sun came out and some folks even ended up with sun burns!

Congrats to:

Claudine L. – GOLD in ladies 4.0
Marina O. – BRONZE in ladies 3.5
Wendy M. – 4TH in ladies 3.5
Donna D. – GOLD in ladies 3.0
Roy F. – BRONZE in mens 3.0

Claudine L. & Norm – GOLD in mixed 4.0
Marina O. and Lorne E. – 4TH in mixed 4.0
Wendy M. and Roy F. – 4TH in mixed 3.5
Donna D. & Richard D. – SILVER in mixed 3.0

Great effort by EVERYONE!

THANK YOU to all the folks in St. Paul for hosting such a GREAT tournament – it has become an annual event worth looking forward to!

Norm & Claudine L. (GOLD) – Mixed 4.0

Claudine L. (GOLD) – Ladies 4.0

Marina O. (BRONZE) & Wendy M. (4TH) – Ladies 3.5

Richard D. & Donna D. (SILVER) – Mixed 3.0

Donna D. (GOLD) – Ladies 3.0

Roy F. (BRONZE) – Men’s 3.0

2019 Annual General Meeting

Over 30 members attended our 2019 Annual General Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Event on May 28th. Without our volunteers our Club would not be where it is today. Thank you to all who attended and to those who are always there to give a hand and their support when needed.

The 2019 Executive is as follows:

President – Claudine L
Vice President – Roy F
Treasurer – Susan N
Secretary – Gloria C
Communication Director – Donna D
Membership Director – Jim K
Organized Play Director – Dean E
Activity Director – Donna O
Equipment Director – Lorne E
Money Collection Director – Linda S

Special thanks to Sandy B (Activity Director), Fay E (Secretary) and Ron H (Fundraising Director) who fulfilled their term on the 2018 Executive and are stepping down.

Looking forward to another exciting year as Pickleball continues to expand in our Community. So many possibilities…


Donna D,
Communication Director
Camrose Pickleball Club

The Camrose Open Tournament is Over!

After many hours of preparation, the Camrose Pickleball Open Tournament welcomed up to 170 players in the 2 day Event. This would have been impossible without the help of our volunteers that gave their time to make this event a success. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to thank the participants for attending the Camrose Tournament. We hope you had fun and had the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion that you do for pickleball.

A special thank you to all of our sponsors who gave generously to this event. We really appreciate your support.

It has been an enjoyable and valuable experience. We hope to see you again next year.

Claudine Lemieux
Camrose Pickleball Club

The Online Face of Pickleball is Evolving

The sport of pickleball continues to grow! This is reflected by the growing online presence of the sport. Whether it be discussion forums, club websites, social media sites (including Facebook sites and YouTube videos) and equipment marketing sites.

Some of the online tools used by our club are being improved… check them out:


Pickleball Alberta

Pickleball Canada

Have a question about pickleball? Just Google it!

Super Fun Member’s Tournament!

We had a great turnout and a lot of fun on Nov 12 at our Member’s Tournament.

Here are the winners:
Group 2.5: 1st Place: Reg E.; 2nd Place: Kevin Dr.; 3rd Place: Rebecca H.
Group 3.0: 1st Place: Yvon L.; 2nd Place: Linda S.; 3rd Place: Rodger F.
Group 3.5: 1st Place: Kevin Du.; 2nd Place: Dave B.; 3rd Place: Peter K.

THANK YOU! to all the participants, the organizing committee, and those who brought dessert!

City Presentation for Outdoor Courts

On Monday, October 15, 2018, Claudine, President of our Club did a presentation to City Council. The purpose of the presentation was to explain the benefits of future Outdoor Pickleball courts for our members, the Community and the City of Camrose. We had great support from our Club with 16 Pickleball players in attendance.

Claudine Presenting

There was lots of positive interest and many comments and questions from the counsellors. As well Ryan Poole, General Manager of Community Services answered many inquiries as to the feasibility of the proposal, discussing cost and location. He seemed very positive and hopeful mentioning that it would be cost effective to have a structure (hockey rink style) that could have both Pickleball in summer/Skating in winter and it could be utilized year round. Council also stated that it was good timing for this proposal as the City’s Budget is currently being established. The counsellors seemed impressed by the fact that the Club is willing to explore the possibility of applying to funding programs to support this endeavour.

Thank you Claudine for all the research, hard work, and energy you put into this proposal. Hopefully there will be outside Pickleball Courts beside the Recreation Centre in the near future. Regardless of the outcome, it gave the Club the opportunity to promote Pickleball to our City Council. We will continue our ongoing quest for more Pickleball courts for the benefit of our members and the Community.

Keep an eye out for an article and photos in the Camrose Booster regarding our recent proposal. Fingers crossed.

Club Members Present

Skill Development Clinics

Two Skill Development Sessions were recently conducted by Kevin Duff, a 4.5 player. It was great to see so many members attending and taking the opportunity to improve their games. It was well received. Thank you Kevin!

Clinic instruction taking place.

Beginner Session

On Friday, September 14, 2018, our Club had it first Beginner Session which attracted 15 participants, 6 of them were new players that just showed up that morning.  We also had 4 new players become members.  Watch the Our Play Times Calendar for new Beginner Sessions coming in the near future.

End of Summer 2018 Tournament and Volunteer Appreciation Potluck

Our last days of summer found us on the courts of the Max McLean Arena contending to find the best of the best. We had 32 players, 17 men and 15 women in 4 groupings. Most points would determine the best 3 players in Mens and the best 3 players in Womens. Hard fought battles in each group left the following as victors:

First – Sandra F. with 71/77 points
Second – Darlene S. with 69/77 points
Third – Marina O. with 68/77 points

First – Lorne S. with 76/77 points
Second – Lin L. with 74/77 points
Third – Dean E. with 72/77 points

We all headed upstairs to feast on delicious hamburgers prepared to perfection by celebrity cooks Sandy and Dave B. Everyone selected from the variety of scrumptious side dishes and desserts to supplement their hearty hamburger. Volunteers are the backbone of our club. We are thankful that we have such great members.

As a special treat we had door prizes (that were left over from our Spring Tournament).

Two $25 gift cards from Smitty’s Restaurant were chosen in a draw.
Women’s draw: Brenda W.
Men’s draw: Richard D.

One gift card from Battle River Sports:
Won by Rebecca H.

If laughter and smiles and ooohs and aaaaws determine the success of our tournament, then we can declare this tournament to be a huge success.

Well played everyone!