Ladder Play!


The format of play is designed so that players play mostly with others of similar skill levels. Your ranking on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage (the ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage.

Each week, players will be placed in groups of 4 in the order of their ranking on the ladder for match play. All players will play three doubles games with the other three players of the foursome. Players can enter or leave the ladder at any time. After your games have been played, players record their scores on the score sheet that will be provided. Individual scores and the total for all three games will be given to the Ladder Manager and they will be entered into the program “holdmycourt”. We will play three 15-point games to a maximum of 45 points total because you have to win only by 1 point.

A schedule is displayed each week after 6 pm the day before the Ladder Play showing only those players who have signed up to play that week or are assigned a bye/sub. If a player is unable to play on the specified day, the player should notify the Ladder Manager no later than 5 pm the day before.

The program has a 1/4 rule which RESTRICTS a player’s movement up or down the ladder regardless of their percentage. So if one week a player wins all of his games, he can only move up 1/4 of the ladder positions from where he was. The reverse holds true going down the ladder should you have a very bad day. An “R” for “Restricted Position” appears next to the percentage on the Standings page.


This format of play is very interesting and more fun for either beginner or more advance players as you are matched with players of similar skills.

We want to start a Ladder Play at the Max McLean Arena every Wednesday at 9 am on April 19, 2017. You must sign up to be able to participate in a Ladder Play. As this is new for everyone and that we will need to create a list of players, I will need the name of players that are interested to participate.

We are hoping that by creating a more structured format, it will be more fun for everyone.

We hope to hear from you as soon as possible, so we can organize this format.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email at, or send me a note on Facebook Camrose Pickleball page.