Pickleball Passes

Good news:  Sheets of 10 passes for $42.50 are now available for purchase, as well as our sheets of 20 passes for $85.00.

img_6288Effective January 1st, our fees when paying with cash instead of using passes, will increase to $5.00 per visit. We would like to encourage all members of our Club to purchase passes.  This will make it easier for the ‘money collecters’ to keep track of the fees, as well as save alot of time counting cash for our bank deposits.

The current price for passes will remain the same ($4.25 per visit).  Effective January 1st, when using passes instead of paying with cash, you will save $15.00 when purchasing a sheet of 20, and $7.50 when purchasing a sheet of 10.  If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Executive.